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Ange Maya's Biography:

Ange Maya is a Serial Entrepreneur in variety of industries including: Motion Pictures, Real Estate, Holistic Wellness, and Alternative Healing. She is also a Public Speaker and Philanthropist in Charity, Philanthropy, Social Consciousness, Wellness movements, Economics and Women's Inspiration.. She won "Exceptional Woman of Excellence" award in Women Economic Forum 2018. Ange is  USA Chairperson for Consciousness Evolution of ALL Ladies League (ALL), the world's largest women's international network for the welfare, wealth, and well-being of ALL women of the world.  

MOTION PICTURES: She is producing video series and Feature Films for Evolution of Consciousness AGELESS ( and Feature Film CONSCIOUSNESS (, in collaboration with California Institute for Human Science, as well as individuals of Spiritual Teachers, Scientists, Starseeds, Way-Showers and Frontier Researchers to collectively raise the vibration of planet Earth and Humanity, for a better world. 

AGELESS is ongoing film series in filming all year around. Her upcoming Feature Films including: Sci-Fi movie CONSCIOUSNESS, Sci-Fi Action Feature Film NUCLEAR GIRL, and SUPER CLONE, Sci-Fi Feature Film E.T. PRESIDENT. 

As American actress, filmmaker, and screen writer, her most notable on-screen starring role is feature film Aleta: Vampire Mistress(US) (2013)( Aka: EMPRESS VAMPIRE , Empress of the evil dead( (Germany) in which she produced and starred. The movie has been picked by numbers of film festivals and gained worldwide distribution in 2013. The movie has been showcased in Cannes Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, AFM, Hong Kong Film Festival etc. 

She also produced and portrait a long hair dream girl in LONG HAIR DREAM LAND (2009).

HOLISTIC HEALING: She aids for alternative healing methods and  has helped numerous people free from life threatening diseases, disability and common health problems. 

ESOTERIC METAPHYSICS: Ange had multiple Near Death Experiences which raised her consciousness and opened multi-dimensional perceptions of invisible realities. Her spiritual rebirth activated her ExtraSensory Perceptions, and encoded new mission of life to her spirit - Fostering for Consciousness Evolution of Humanity For a better world. She dived into the ocean of consciousness since 6 year old, practiced extensive psycho-spiritual teachings with secret initiations from Enlightened Spiritual Masters.  

Her earlier works were wide-ranging experiences from Journalist & News Anchor Woman, Business Woman, Model & Actress, Co-Founder of Biotechnology Company, to Co-Founder of Charity Organizations for Social Welfare of Elderly and Crippled people, where inspired contemporary and next generation for disabled yet strong spirited people as a cult sensational movement. Her other works including modeling for art galleries, Magazines, commercials, and shows and interviews with TV channels like MTV, Current Tv etc.


Horror Sci-Fi Feature Film | Aleta: Vampire Mistress (USA) (AKA: Empress Vampire; Empress of Evil Dead (Germany))

Starring: Ange Maya, Tom Cochran, Beau Nelson, Laura Cotenescu, Garrett Brawith
Director: Phil Condit | Script & Story: Phil Condit, Ange Maya | Director of Photography: Phil Condit
| Release Dates: (Foreign) 2013 Tomcat Films LLC; 2015 (USA) Maverick Entertainment Group | 2017 Adler and associates entertainment
Genres: Sci-Fi, Horror |  Press Kit | Press Reviews | Media Reviews IMDB

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Sci-Fi Action Feature Film | NUCLEAR GIRL

Script: Charles Mariotti(screenplay writer), Ange Maya (original script, concept); Story: Charles Mariotti

Production StatusIn development
Genres: Sci-Fi, action


Sci-Fi Feature Film | POLE SHIFT

Script:David Bryant Perkins (Screenplay writer)  Ange Maya (concept); Story: David Bryant Perkins, Ange Maya

Production StatusIn development
Genres: Sci-Fi, action


Sci-Fi Feature Film | SUPER CLONE

Script: Ange Maya, ; Story: Ange Maya

Production StatusIn development
Genres: Sci-Fi


Reality Series/ Documentary | AGELESS

Production Dates: Filming (2015- ongoing) 
Genres: webseries


Sci-Fi Feature Film  | CONSCIOUSNESS

Script: Ange Maya, Thomas Brophy; Story: Ange Maya, Thomas Brophy

Production StatusIn Development
Genres: Sci-Fi




Music Video | Ange's Long Hair Dream Land 

Starring: Ange Maya | Cinematograph by: | Photograph by:, Robert Ryan Photography  |Production Dates: 06/01/08 - 11/02/08. Released| Video Length: 47min | Photo Gallery included  |
Ange's Long Hair Dream Land leads you into long hair exotic fantasy paradise. In this classical collection, clustered Ange's essential movements under the spotlights in the segments of her journey of life.
Genres: Music Video


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Feature Film - CONSCIOUSNESS Producer/Screen Writer/ Actress


Feature Film- E.T. PRESIDENT  Producer/Screen Writer/ Actress


Feature Film- SUPER CLONE  Producer/Screen Writer/ Actress


Feature Film- NUCLEAR GIRL Producer/Screen Writer/ Actress


DVD/ On-going web series - AGELESS Producer/Screen Writer/ Actress (Filming)


Feature Film - Less than a whisper (2014) (released) Director: Francis Xavier . Actress played DIVA. Released

Feature Film - Aleta: Vampire Mistress (US) AKA Empress of The Evil Dead (Germany), Empress Vampire (2013). (Released). Lead Role - Aleta. Produced by: Ange Maya Pictures & Sick Puppy Pictures.
Press Kit  . Producer/Screen Writer/ Actress. Walmart: Aleta Vampire Mistress


Feature Film - Blood Scarab (2008). Theatrical Released. Actress played "Goddess's Handmaiden". Director: Don F. Glut. Produced by: Frontline Films. Genres: Horror / Fantasy. Released

Video - Long Hair Dream Land (2009). Role- Ange. Released

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