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Interview : Film: Aleta Vampire Mistress

Interview : Film: Aleta Vampire Mistress

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Ange Maya's first Flight Pilot Training

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EmpressVampire Official Trailer

EmpressVampire Official Trailer

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Collection of Ange Maya's Movies & Series

#AM002: Horror Sci-Fi Feature Film | Aleta: Vampire Mistress (USA) (AKA: Empress Vampire; Empress of Evil Dead (EU))

Starring: Ange Maya, Tom Cochran, Beau Nelson, Laura Cotenescu, Garrett Brawith
Director: Phil Condit | Writers: Phil Condit, Ange Maya | Director of Photography: Phil Condit
| Release Dates: (Foreign) 2013 Tomcat Films LLC; 2015 (USA) Maverick Entertainment Group
Genres: Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Action, Dance, Musical  |  Press Kit | Press Reviews | Media Reviews IMDB

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#AM003: Sci-Fi Action Thriller Feature Film | China Spy

Starring: Ange Maya (Aleta: Vampire Mistress, Happy Ending), Jack O'Halloran (Superman, Superman II, King Kong), Julianne Michelle ( Awakened, The House Is Burning), Laurene Landon (Maniac Cop, Masters of Horror)
 | Director:  |  Production Dates:  preproduction
Genres: Sci-Fi, action

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#AM004: Reality Series and documentary| AGELESSl

Starring: Ange Maya, Tiffany Vallati, Teresa Benita, Hailey Hayes and more | Director of Photography:  |  Production Dates: Filming (2015- ongoing) 
Genres: series, documentary


#AM005: Sci-Fi Feature Film  | CONSCIOUSNESS

Starring: Ange Maya | Director:  | Director of Photography:  |  Production Dates: 
Genres: Sci-Fi




#AM001: Music Video | Ange's Long Hair Dream Land 

Starring: Ange Maya | Cinematograph by: | Photograph by:, Robert Ryan Photography  |Production Dates: 06/01/08 - 11/02/08. Released| Video Length: 47min | Photo Gallery included  |
Ange's Long Hair Dream Land leads you into long hair exotic fantasy paradise. In this classical collection, clustered Ange's essential movements under the spotlights in the segments of her journey of life.
Music Video


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