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Sci-Fi Feature Film | POLE SHIFT


A beautiful alien’s mission to prevent earth’s coming pole shift from affecting her home planet goes awry when she arrives in the wrong time - 80 years earlier.

Overview: ( updated: 08/17/2014)

Produced by: Ange Maya (Producer) |

Directed by:  


 David Bryant Perkins, Screenplay writer, (Hitler's Astrologer): David’s astrological / metaphysical work 
has been published throughout Europe, from technical articles in journals to magazine columns. For 10 years he was the featured in Germany’s largest 
weekly woman’s magazine Bild der Frau, and while in Poland wrote his first book Moja Gwiezdna Terapia (Star Therapy). His first screenplay Hitler's 
Astrologer had won numerous Screenplay awards in Film Festivals. David are also Father/Daughter Film Report seen in Film Festival Today magazine 
with daughter Amanda, traveling the world reporting on film festivals offering insight into the trends and breakthroughs of growing independent industry.

Ange Maya, Concept (Aleta: Vampire Mistress, Nuclear Girl, Super Clone, Consciousness, Pole Shift) ; 


Produced by: Ange Maya Pictures |


Genre: Sci-Fi  



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