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Sci-Fi Feature Film | SUPER CLONE

Original Title CHINA SPY (Charles Mariotti's version, Copyright: PAu003747536)  has been renamed as NUCLEAR GIRL

Original Title CHINA SPY (Ange Maya's version, Copyright: PAu003441564) has been officially renamed as SUPER CLONE


She is irresistible femme fatale, yet her feelings collide when a clone recalls memory of love


The Chinese government resurrects Mei Lin, and makes a super clone of her with her hairs. She is then assigned to track down a lost bio-chip. Coincidently, the American government clone Adam and assign him to guard an American leader Mei Lin is tracking. Her feelings collide as she works to complete her mission

Overview: ( updated: 08/17/2014)

Produced by: Ange Maya (Producer) |

Directed by:  


Ange Maya, Screenplay writer (Aleta: Vampire Mistress, Nuclear Girl, Super Clone, Consciousness, Pole Shift) ; 

Story: Ange Maya

Produced by: Ange Maya Pictures |


Genre: Sci-Fi | Action 

Ange Maya (Aleta: Vampire Mistress, Nuclear Girl, Pole Shift)              ... Mei Lin

                                                                                                                                                                           ... Adam (Male Lead)



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